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April 6-7, 2017 – Saskatoon

Sponsor a Skilled Trade or Technology Competition

As Saskatchewan young people look at the variety of career choices available to them, many are finding that a university degree is no longer the only path to an enjoyable fast paced career. Our province has many young adults who are working at becoming tradespeople and are dedicated to honing their skills in their chosen trade or technology. Many have also realized that they can use their entrepreneurial abilities to start their own business. We encourage all of our competitors to pursue excellence in all they do.

Skills Canada Saskatchewan is at the forefront of this change in pathways and the Provincial Skills Competition is the venue for showcasing our commitment to developing a strong and competent skilled workforce for our province.

We have over 470 competitors who attend our Provincial Skills competition and each competitor has worked hard to get there and put their skills to the test. Whether it is through PAA programming in the high schools or pre-employment and apprenticeship training at post-secondary institutes, or the materials it takes to run each competition area, Skills Saskatchewan is there to offer support to the competitors and their teachers every step of the way. Your donation of $500.00 will help support the 19th Annual Provincial Skills competition being held in Saskatoon, Sask. on April 6/7,2017.

At the Provincial competition you will be recognized by your logo and company information on a sponsor board. You can select the competition area you wish to sponsor or you can do a general donation and Skills Sask. will select the competition area for you. There are 39 Skilled Trade and Technology areas at the Provincial Skills competition with 3000+ students and spectators who attend the competition each year. By simply sending us your logo and information we will print it on a 4’ x 6’ board. You will receive a charitable tax receipt as well as a proof of your sponsor board.

Thank you for actively supporting skills trades in Saskatchewan and supporting young people in our province to pursue their dream of becoming a skilled trade person.

Help us promote the opportunities in trade and technology careers through our Sponsor Board Campaign. For more information: Al Gabert – Executive Director at Skills Canada Saskatchewan – 306-480-9304 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Our Mission

To promote and engage Saskatchewan youth in skilled trades and technologies