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36-car-paintingA career in car painting involves cleaning and preparing panels for paint applications. Car painters are required to mix and apply undercoats and clear coats as well as refinish plastic substrates. They perform the prepping and painting of objects on steel body panels. In addition they remove surface paint defects on automotive parts. In these cases, they perform a colour tinting to a blendable match. Car painters use a variety of equipment including sanders, blow guns, painting tools, spray guns and polishers.





Traits and Talents

You should be interested in cars and good with your hands to work in this field. Attention to detail, good eyesight, excellent colour vision and patience are some of the important traits of a car painter. This career also requires good communication and interpersonal skills as car painters are in contact with customers to determine requirements and cost estimates.

The Workplace

Car painters can work for car dealerships, independent garages or specialty repair shops. The industry provides steady work, indoors and away from the elements, and exposure to noise, fumes and other hazards is controlled by strict safety regulations. The majority of painters work alone under the general direction of a supervisor.

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