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35-restaurant-serviceServers are the vital link between the dining room and the kitchen in providing the perfect culinary experience for their guests. Prior to greeting guests and presenting them with menus, servers make sure each table is set perfectly. They form the first impression with the guest by their dress, grooming and demeanor. Servers demonstrate their knowledge by assisting the guest in making their menu selections. Servers will demonstrate their wine knowledge by pairing food and wine options, an expertise greatly appreciated by employers and guests alike. The guest's order is then communicated to the bartenders and kitchen staff. Servers with precision and flair ensure that each beverage and food item is served to the guest's satisfaction. Throughout the course of the meal servers will unobtrusively serve water, pour wine, offer bread, present food, perform table maintenance, clear dishes and anticipate each guest's need. Behind- the-scenes servers will perform mise-en-place duties prior to service; restock their stations during the shift, and complete sidework duties at shift end.

Traits and Talents

Servers need to be passionate about their role in the guest experience. Social skills, patience, and joviality are an indispensable trio in this trade. The ideal server pays attention to detail, copes well with stress, and demonstrates strong dexterity skills. The server must strive to provide consistent service to each and every guest. Repeat guests are what it's all about in this business!! Their schedules depend on peak hours and they may often be asked to work additional hours on short notice.

The Workplace

While most servers work in restaurants, caterers, and hotels, cruiseships may also employ them. For a well-skilled server the opportunities are endless. With experience, servers may be promoted to maitre d'hotel or head server, in charge of a section in a fine dining restaurant.

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