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30-aestheticsBeauty Therapy will take the esthetician on a journey into a career ripe with opportunity for success and personal satisfaction. The need for professional beauty therapists has grown due to consumer demands brought about by a growing population, increased longevity and a new prospective on health and well being. The more holistic approach to beauty has given birth to a new era that has broadened treatment options and created a much stronger connection between beauty, health and wellness.

As the demand for new service soars, so does the need for professionally trained estheticians. Any resort, cruise ship, tourism location or business that caters to grooming, health and beauty clientele, provides an opportunity. Today's trained estheticians have begun to branch out in such areas as dermatology clinics and Medical Spas where the integration of surgical procedures and aesthetic treatments are uniting, thus allowing estheticians to work along with health professionals to administer pre and postoperative treatments.

Traits & Talents

A state of good health and well being is a must for the practicing esthetician. This means you will need to look your best and make lifestyle choices that express your commitment to your profession and your clients. Working in a service-oriented industry such as Aesthetics requires patience, persistence, and, above all, a desire and willingness to work with people.

Good communication skills are necessary since you will be working with a wide variety of people with a wide variety of needs and personalities. Continuous education, basic computer skills, analytical skills, and flexibility are assets needed for those considering ownership of their own salons. Entrepreneurs should also be prepared to learn business and bookkeeping techniques, as well as managerial skills. In aesthetics, developing positive working relationships will be the key to success.

The Workplace

Estheticians work in a clean and sanitary environment with a quiet and pleasant atmosphere designed to enhance the client's individual treatment. Workplaces such as Skin Care Clinics, Full-service Salons, Day Spas, Medical Spas and Wellness Centers, as well as fashion and modeling schools offer the esthetician a wide variety of opportunities in a number of interesting work environments. A full-time esthetician may have to allow for a flexible schedule that includes working evenings and weekends, a time when Spas and Salons are busiest. Self- employment is another possibility in the Aesthetics or Beauty Therapy field and would allow for more free time.

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