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photography-iconPhotography is all about capturing light that paints a picture. It involves technical skills to use all the parts of a camera to capture the image. It also involves the artistic skills to be able to visualize a scene and to capture the world for others to enjoy. We are after the ability to make a photograph, not to just take a snapshot.







There are many different types of photographers. Glamour, fashion, landscape, architectural, portrait, still life, journalism, wedding, advertising, the list is endless. There are also the photo editors that retouch parts of an image, to make someone look taller, skinnier, or to have the perfect complexion. Some pay more than others, but a lot of people learn photography to just make better photographs of their lives.


The Workplace 

Many photographers work out of their homes, and advertise through word of mouth. Photography has changed over time, as new, modern digital cameras have come to a price that the average home can afford a great quality camera. While many people have a good camera, and can take great pictures once in a while, it takes a person with real passion and lots of practice to be able to make those images every time.

Our Mission

To promote and engage Saskatchewan youth in skilled trades and technologies