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16-electronicsAs electronics is now incorporated into virtually every sector of the economy, it offers a wide range of job possibilities. Some of these occupations are focused on assembling, testing, repairing and inspecting consumer, and industrial equipment and other electrical products and systems. Others involve designing, developing and testing the production and operation of electrical and electronic equipment and systems. Everything from satellite systems to ski lift controls requires workers with training in electronics.

Specific tasks that electronic technologists and engineers may perform include linking computer networks to hydraulic systems, establishing communication links to remote locations or designing and retrofitting electrical systems. Technicians are involved in the installation, set-up and repair of these same types of systems. Depending on their area of expertise, people in electronics need to know and understand many different electronic concepts with background in the applied sciences. As technology continues to grow and evolve everything could one day be electronically based, which makes electronics an occupation of the future.

Traits & Talents 

If you have a natural curiosity about how things work and like to figure them out for yourself, you might be suited to a career in electronics. To work in this field, you needElectronics – 13th Canadian Skills Competition – Saskatoon strong analytical skills, and should be persistent, adaptable and flexible for finding solutions to a wide variety of problems. You must possess keen problem-solving and trouble-shooting abilities, mathematical aptitude, knowledge of computers and good hand-eye coordination. Electronics workers must be focused individuals, as they need to be able to concentrate for long periods of time, pay attention to detail and meet deadlines.

The Workplace 

Commercial companies, government utilities, consulting engineering firms, educational institutions, resource base industries, high technology design and manufacturing and communications companies all hire people with training in electronics. Those in manufacturing generally work in clean, well-lit and air-conditioned surroundings, such as laboratories and offices, or electronics and industrial plants. Some systems and equipment repairers may be required to work evenings and weekends, often at great heights or in cramped spaces, as they could be called on at any time to handle on-site equipment failure.

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