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14-sheet-metalWorkers in this field fabricate and install a wide varity of construction related items using sheet metal or plastic materials components. The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems ( HVAC ), that control the temperature, humidity and total air quality in residential, commercial, industrial and other buildings by precisely following blueprints, design specifications and manufacturers' instructions. A Sheet Metal worker requires highly specialized and up to date skills to accomplish the various tasks involved in the trade.

In Sheet metal, technicians work with a variety of precision measuring tools to manipulate conditions such as presures in air flow in duct systems. Voltmeters, pressure gauges, manometers and other testing devices are used in analyzing system performance. When servicing equipment, they must use extreme care in working with the different components of the HVAC Systems because of some of the intriqute systems.

Traits & Talents

For a successful career in Sheet Metal, you should have an aptitude for electronics and a curiosity about how things work. You must be courteous and tactful, and have good communication and listening skills for dealing with customers' needs and Heating ,Ventilation , and Air Conditioning problems. Good math, computer and problem-solving skills are important assets for working in this profession. It is also necessary to be physically fit as lifting and moving heavy equipment is sometimes required.


The Workplace

Sheet Metal workers apply their trade in commercial,industrial and residential buildings – anywhere that you would find HVAC and commercial stainless steel kitchen equipment. They are employed by heating and ventilation contractors. Their skills are in demand in all sectors, and they are learning constantly since the technology involved is always changing. They often work indoors in cramped and awkward positions or at great heights on large commercial buildings.

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