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18-electrical-installationsElectrical wiring is done by electricians who install, repair and maintain wiring, switches, conduits, circuit breakers, lighting and other apparatus in buildings and other structures. They need electronics knowledge and trouble-shooting skills to provide maintenance services for electronically controlled systems. Proficiency in all types of electronic applications is important as electricity is used for a variety of purposes, including climate control, security and communications.

An electrician reads and interprets blueprints, plans and sketches, following the variety of methods and practices used in the construction field to complete basic wiring circuits in accordance with the Canadian Electrical Code. Electricians need to understand electronics in order to install and maintain the increasing amount of electronic equipment involved in modern construction projects. Keeping up with trends and new technology and continuing to upgrade technical skills is an important part of the job.

For a career in wiring you should be good with your hands, able to conceptualize and follow detailed plans precisely. Mechanical and mathematical ability along with an analytical approach to problem-solving are essential for this field, as are good communication skills, knowledge of computerized machinery, adaptability and the flexibilty to work either alone or as a member of a team. As an electrician, you must be able to read and interpret drawings, blueprints and electrical code specifications to understand building plans and wiring diagrams. Electricians should be physically fit and have good eyesight as electrical wires are colour coded.

The Workplace

Electricians work in the residential, commercial, industrial and manufacturing sectors. Anywhere that there is electricity there is the potential for employment. Their work is most often done in residential and non-residential construction, either as employees of large construction firms or as self-employed sub-contractors. Renovation work is also commonly performed. Electricians generally work on a project-by-project basis, standing for most of the day, often in confined spaces or awkward positions.

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