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Show us your SKILLS! Come and compete at the Provincial Skills Competition.  The competition is open to all Saskatchewan Secondary, Post Secondary, and apprentice students who meet the eligibility requirements. 

As a Competitor, you will have the opportunity to:

  • See how your skills compare to others from across the Province.
  • Obtain first hand knowledge of the work environment of your particular competition area.
  • Gain access to industry experts, who will become valuable contacts and possible mentors
  • Win Medals!
  • Represent Saskatchewan at the National Canadian Skills Competition


Code of Conduct

Skills Canada Saskatchewan wants every student representative to have an enjoyable experience with maximum attention on safety and comfort. To receive maximum benefit from my participation, I acknowledge that the ‘Code of Conduct’ has been established by Skills Canada Saskatchewan and must be adhered to always. I note that my participation is voluntary.  I agree to abide by the official Skills Canada Saskatchewan rules and regulations. 

My conduct shall be exemplary at all times. 

  1. I will, at all times, wear my official identification badge.
  2. I will attend all activities for which I am assigned and registered and will be on time and I will act in a professional manner.
  3. I will, at all times, respect all public and private property, including the accommodation in which I am housed.
  4. I will strictly abide by any curfews established and shall respect the rights of others by being as quiet as possible after curfew.
  5. I will refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages and drugs (with the exception of prescription drugs, prescribed by a licensed physician) while attending all Skills activities.
  6. I will listen and obey instructions from my advisor and/or chaperone.


I agree, if for any reason I am in violation of the rules, I may be brought before the appropriate disciplinary committee for an analysis of the violation(s), and I further agree to accept the penalty imposed on me, with the understanding that all such actions are explained to me, and I further realize that the severity of the penalty may increase with the severity of the violation, even to the extent of being sent home immediately at my own expense.


Violations and Penalties

Violations of items 1 through 7 of the ‘Code of Conduct’ may be sent home at his or her own expense.  Proper notification of the violation and action taken will be sent to the school/college responsible for the participant.  A copy will also be provided to the Skills Canada Saskatchewan Board of Directors.

It is with the spirit of being a proud and committed participant that I agree to the rules of conduct.

Having read and understood completely the ‘Code of Conduct’ of Skills Canada Saskatchewan liability, medical release and photo release, I do hereby agree to follow the procedures and practices described.

Our Mission

To promote and engage Saskatchewan youth in skilled trades and technologies