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Below are the users that have submitted a registered for this event.  


First Name Last Name Division School Date Registered Status
KyanEllGood Spirit Melville Comprehensive2021-03-04 08:48:51 Active
JesseFehrSaskatchewan Rivers Carlton Comprehensive High School2021-03-04 11:57:25 Active
LANEHartleyNorthern Lights Twin Lakes Community School2021-02-25 09:55:48 Active
ZacharyHoladayHorizon Humboldt Collegiate Institute2021-03-22 11:11:26 Active
MohammedHossainSaskatoon Mount Royal Collegiate2021-03-23 14:23:26 Active
JamesPerrin Chinook Maple Creek Composite School2021-02-22 09:08:20 Active
kaelwardPrairie South Kincaid Central School2021-02-16 08:37:23 Active

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To promote and engage Saskatchewan youth in skilled trades and technologies