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Congratulations #TeamSkillsSK on the results of your competitions at Nationals 2021!!!!  #SkillsSK is so PROUD that YOU represented Saskatchewan & continued to build on your “Skills for Success”!

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Summary of Results: 2021 SCVNC Results 


Summary of Results:  2021 Provincial Results 

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YearProvincial Skills CompetitionSkills Canada National Competition (SCNC)
2021 2021 Provincial Results  SCVNC Results TBA June 15th, 2021
2020 2020 Provincial Results SCNC not held
2019 2019 Provincial Results

 SCNC 2019 Results (Scan)

2019 World Skills Results (Kazan Russia)

2018 2018 Provincial Results  SCNC 2018 Results
2017 19th Provincial Results  

18th Provincial Results

Competitor Ranking

22nd National Results

Competitor Ranking 

2015 17th Provincial Results  21st National Results
2014 16th Provincial Results 20th National Results
2013 15th Provincial Results 19th National Results
2012 14th Provincial Results 18th National Results
2011 13th Provincial Results 17th National Results
2010 12th Provincial Results 16th National Results
2009 11th Provincial Results 15th National Results
2008 10th Provincial Results
2007   13th National Results
2006   12th National Results
2004   10th National Results
2003   9th National Results
2002   8th National Results
2001   7th National Results

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To promote and engage Saskatchewan youth in skilled trades and technologies