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Skills Camps 2019 - 20

Skills Camps are day programs targeted towards students in grades 5-12.  where they have the opportunity to develop their "hands-on" skills in a variety of different trades and technology-based projects. These camps are instructed by a tradesperson who stresses safety when using a variety of tools and materials throughout the course of the day. In a step-by-step manner, students will build/create a project and have the chance to take it home at the end of the day OR gift it back to the community. A huge sense of pride, confidence and satisfaction comes from creating something new from your own too hands. During this program students will be exposed to different trades and will gain a better understanding of what a career in these areas would be like. This is a great opportunity to open students up to various career options in a fun, interactive and educational day of career exploration.

A skills camp is best delivered to 30-40 participants for two concurrent half day sessions.

Our Mission

To promote and engage Saskatchewan youth in skilled trades and technologies