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Skills Canada Saskatchewan is a province wide not-for-profit organization that promotes skills trades and technologies for young people in Saskatchewan.

Skills Canada Saskatchewan proposes to provide training opportunities to develop fundamental digital literacy skills that are required for people to work with computers and to successfully navigate the internet.digital literacy skills canada saskatchewan development program

We deliver programming to build capacity for Indigenous people living on reserves or in northern communities. We focus on youth no longer attending high school and those who are currently unemployed. This age group has been identified as a key stakeholder by numerous indigenous leaders as a result of our current programming. Although, adult programming will be available as families in the community may look at this learning opportunity as a cultural community event. Also developing sound digital financial literacy skills will be a key part of practical hands on learning that has been identified as a key need.

Training will focus on word procession, safe navigation of the internet, understanding digital safety and email set up, focusing on process and usage from a personal and employee perspective (tiered training levels will be a part of every training session to encourage follow up sessions and /or more in-depth learning opportunities.) Excel/Access training and its many layers tied to financial literacy which will improve participants ability in Canada’s digital economy.

Smart phone training, digital photography application and usage from a mobile source, social networking, understanding and using apps from various mobile delivery systems will be another type of skills camp training offered through our project, especially for the 17-25year old’s who own a smart phone and not a computer.

Beginning/introductory sessions will be offered in 2-hour sessions, in the evening depending on community request and demand over three to four days in any given week.

Cost for the programming/training sessions in accordance with our current practice is at no cost to all the participants.

We would need to utilize a school computer lab or community hall as they are usually able to accommodate internet/Wi-Fi Access and make room for the community programming.

We are open to expand the diversity of the current program delivery to meet community demands as to basic digital literacy.

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For more information about the program please contact:

Joanna Wuttunee
Program Coordinator
Skills Canada Saskatchewan
Office / Cell: 306-373-6035 / 306-717-9367
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Mission

To promote and engage Saskatchewan youth in skilled trades and technologies