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Please note that there are insufficient numbers for a team bus to Edmonton for the National Competition. Please make your own arrangements to drive or fly. Please remember that you are responsible for travel to and from the event.




Rick Clark

Program Manager

If anyone has trouble getting a laptop they should let us know asap. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Competition Schedule

Please note the dates and times for your competitors and for yourself to plan accordingly. Please note that Team Sask will have their team meeting on Sunday, June 3, in the early afternoon. More details to follow, so teacher advisers and competitors please check your emails and this site for updates.

Read below a message sent from Skills Canada for all competitors and advisers. Please share with your competitors.

As you all know, this is a full BYOD event. As a reminder, below is an extract from the Competition Rules regarding BYOD. Make sure to advise your competitors to read the Contest Description for any computer specification. In addition to the information below, I would like to advise on when competitors should bring their computers onsite.

  1. If a competitor is bringing a laptop: Bring at orientation.
  2. If a competitor is bringing a desktop, competitors have two options:
    1. Bring at registration and leave at the toolbox drop-off. Desktop computers must be in an appropriate crate.
    2. Bring at orientation  

1.1    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The SCNC is a BYOD event. As stated in the contest description, competitors will need to bring their own computer in order to compete in certain skill areas.

  • Specification on the type of computer to bring will be stated in the contest description.
  • SCC is not responsible for any stolen or damaged computer.
  • Competitors must bring their computer at orientation and leave it onsite until the end of Competition day 2.
  • SCC will provide locking cabinets and when possible, computers will be locked overnight.
  • If a competitor is unable to bring his/her own computer, he/she must advise their respective MO. SCC will assist the MO when possible. If a laptop is provided, this computer will only be installed with Windows. It will be the responsibility of the competitor to bring copies of the required software.
  • All software must already be installed on the computer. SCC will not supply any software for the contest.
  • If a competitor computer malfunction (hardware or software), the SCC IT committee will do everything possible to fix the problem. It will be the competitor’s responsibility to bring a back-up device if he/she wishes to. If a computer malfunction and time is lost, the NTC will allow extra time at the end of the competition to a maximum of 1 hour. To facilitate the repair for the IT committee, the computer should be unlocked or have administrative rights. SCC is not responsible if access to the computer is not granted.


Karine R Dupuis
Director, Competitions

2018 Provincial Competition Results

This was a fantastic day for Saskatchewan youth who delivered their very best efforts in our one day provincial skills competition. Winners will travel to Edmonton in early June to compete at the 2018 National Skills Competition.

Special thanks to Executive Director Al Gabert for his dedication, vision, and perserverence to make this another memorable event for Saskatchewan youth and Skilled Trades and Technologies in Saskatchewan.

Special thanks to our Board of Directors for their ongoing support of all the work we do for Saskatchewan youth.

Special thanks to Kelly Beckett for her superb organizational skills and for answering the many, many questions that came to the office.


Rick Clark

Program Manager

SkillsCanada Saskatchewan

Where is the Provincial Skills Competition taking place?  It's at Evraz Place - see below - the green square:

Evraz Place Map

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Our Mission

To promote and engage Saskatchewan youth in skilled trades and technologies