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Skills Canada Saskatchewan is a not-for-profit Provincial Organization that promotes skilled trades and technology to young people in Saskatchewan. Skill Saskatchewan is a regional organization affiliated with the Canadian Skills Program. Each province or territory can affiliate with Skills Canada, which allows them to be involved nationally and internationally. Each organization that is part of the National Skills program has a voting board of directors member (voted in by the provincial organization) to represent their interests at the national level. They can also be members of the National Board of Directors executive committee who are the decision makers for the national organization.

Each provincial or territorial organization is operated by an Executive Director who is hired by a Provincial Board of Directors. The Executive Director coordinates the operations of the organization and hires any support staff that they require to complete the work of Skills Canada Saskatchewan.

The Board of Directors meets 3 times a year to discuss any policies or procedures, items of importance, pass any motions required, approve the annual operating budget, and approve the Strategic plan as presented by the Executive Director. The Executive Director reports to the board of directors about the operations of the organization and brings forward any information required about the National Skills Canada organization.

OUR MISSION: To promote and recognize careers in trades and technologies for Saskatchewan youth

OUR VISION: All Saskatchewan youth reach their career potential


  • Increased awareness of careers in trades and technologies;
  • Increased awareness of excellence and accomplishments of youth working in trades and technologies;
  • Enhanced profile in Saskatchewan for Skills;
  • Facilitate multiple regional and other feeder competitions leading to provincials;
  • Increased financial stability of the organization to enable growth.

OUR VALUES: Safety....Innovation....Excellence....Integrity....Diversity

Participation in Skills Canada Provincial Competitions:

Skills Canada Saskatchewan coordinates an Annual Competition to be held at a Saskatchewan Polytechnic Campus (rotation annually) and local high schools. Through communication to school divisions, post-secondary institutions and apprentice students, participants are encouraged to compete in a 1 ½ day event striving for Gold and the opportunity to advance to the Skills Canada National Competition hosted by various provinces in Canada.

Participation in Skills Canada National Competitions:

Competitors successful in winning a Gold Medal in the Provincial Skills Competition, are invited to advance to the Skills Canada National Competition representing Team Saskatchewan.

Participation in World Skills Competition:

Competitors successful in winning a Gold Medal in the National Skills Competition will be invited to advance to the World Skills Competition, in competition areas that qualify from the World Skills organization list of competitions. An age restriction applies at the World Competition. This restriction indicates that in the qualifying year for the World Competition the competitor must be 22 years of age or younger. In Canada they cannot hold journey ticket status.


Our Mission

To promote and engage Saskatchewan youth in skilled trades and technologies